Work Product Samples

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We are able to share the reports listed here because they were prepared for public school clients, and as such are public information under Sunshine Laws.
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Feasibility Survey: Carlos Gilbert Elementary School

snapshot of facade from modelThis contract was for a very fast turn-around, due diligence-oriented survey of the Carlos Gilbert Elementary School building in the Santa Fe, New Mexico School District to provide decision-makers additional information that might be useful in preparation for defining a scope of work for renovation funds committed to the school by the School Board on recommendation of the Citizens Review Committee.

The report was submitted in two parts:
1. The model in SketchUp (view the 3D PDF [3MB file])
2. A formal written report, with an update containing information obtained after the report was submitted.

cuataway view of first floor from modelOur review of the building was necessarily very preliminary and superficial; its main purpose was to identify areas that required in-depth investigation and planning before work was begun on the school in order to reduce the potential for unpleasant surprises mid-way through renovations and to increase the probability of finishing work on time and on budget. This report is not a full due diligence report, but only a preliminary survey.

Independent Program and Project Analysis

This analysis was commissioned by a school board the majority of whose members felt strongly that not enough money was reaching the classroom. The mandate was to evaluate and verify operational functions and activities; identify problems, issues and weaknesses; and recommend solutions and potential improvements. A first draft report was published to the school community, feedback was solicited and a revised final report was published August 26, 2009. The IPPA identified up to $7,565,000 in potential savings or increased revenue opportunities for the school district. A few preliminary steps toward implementation of recommendations were taken, but full implementation has apparently been stalled for a number of unrelated reasons.