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We use a variety of tools, but thirty years of high-level troubleshooting in a broad range of industries is the skill that directs the tool. Our philosophy is to look at the whole picture, including reasonable life cycle return on investment, to help our clients drive rational decisions that optimize their resources at all times. In short, we help our clients really see for the first time the nature and true cost of their major problems, the available options to resolve them and the return on investment when they are resolved.


While our methods and technologies work in all industries, we have more experience in the power production and transmission, broadband and connectivity, petrochemical, education, civil engineering, defense and construction industries. We don hard hats to work in the mud, and pencil protectors to work in the data room. Our Business Technology Integration practice is a particular application of the $10 elephant metaphor to management information systems. Our Happy Schools and BPI for School Districts practices are specific applications of modern technology to educational infrastructure.


The tools and skills we offer will help any client, in a wide variety of services and industries, but like many firms, we have some specialized practice areas that reflect things we are passionate about. Read more about our specialties ...

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